My husband and I were recently hiking on Mt. Hood in Oregon. Even in the middle of July a lot of snow remained at Timberline Lodge where our hike began. We carefully made our way across numerous snowfields, delighting in the occasional wildflower peeking out in the grassy spots. It was a warm day with a cloudless sky. We’d been hiking about an hour and a half when we came to a sizable ravine.  It was a steep way down on the trail, then we’d have to cross a wide swath of snow that hugged the side of the ravine, then trudge back up the other side. It looked like a long way back up the hill. We gazed at it. “That looks really steep,” said my husband.  I was ready to wimp out, already thinking about the post-hike late lunch at the Ram’s Head bar. Instead, we both said together, “Let’s go for it.”   And we began the descent.

We found the way down was easy. The snowfield, after traversing dozens, wasn’t that difficult. We laughed as we held hands to keep our footing. Minutes later we’d climbed all the way back up to the other side. We stopped to look back. The ravine again looked steep and foreboding. We agreed that the steepness was simply an illusion. Just like a lot of things we face. “Things are easier than we think,” commented my husband Steve.

That’s the way our goals are. When we see them in a distance they can appear daunting. We pause to begin because we’re not sure we can do it. Or that we want to do it. Is the view from the other side worth it? We have to learn now things. We have to risk. But as soon as we begin, it gets easier. It’s always the moment of standing on the precipice that is most frightening.

Just get going. Right Now.

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