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My mother-in-law told me a story that perfectly points out the difference in how people make decisions.  I’d like you to reflect on it and answer for yourself, “Are you a talker or a doer?”

When her father passed away it was up to my mother-in-law and her younger sister to figure out what to do with his home. It was a cute little bungalow he’d bought in the 1940’s near the beach in Southern California in the area called Belmont Shore.   Through the skyrocketing house prices in the area, the little house had appreciated in value very nicely.

My mother -in-law and her sister decided to rent out the home while they decided what to do with it. Sell it soon? Keep it long term as an income property?  Wait for more appreciation and then sell? There were several choices and several things to consider.

They advertised the rental and a woman came to look at the house.  Both sisters showed the home to the prospective tenant. The woman liked the house. The location was perfect; near the beach and boutique shopping, yet on a quiet street.   She was interested in renting it. But she didn’t want to move in only to have to move again in a few months.  So she asked a simple question to both sisters. “Are you talkers or doers?”

The two sisters laughed and replied in unison, “We’re talkers!”  They knew themselves. They are delightfully chatty people who analyze every detail and delight in discussing every nuance.

“I’ll take it,” the woman said. She figured that “talkers” wouldn’t make a decision about whether to sell quickly.

That renter had asked exactly the right question. She got to rent that little house for a full two years because it took the two sisters that long to finally decide to sell it. A doer would have sold the house right away, or remodeled it quickly then sold it.

Are you a talker or a doer? There’s no right answer. Both have their pros and cons. What’s important is to know which you are so you understand how you problem solve and make decisions.  A combination of ‘talkers’ and ‘doers’ in a team or in a family is a big benefit. Then you’ve got the best of both worlds:  the people who make sure all the questions are asked and answered, and the people who take action.

Post a comment: Are you a talker or a doer?  How do the different types help your team?

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Busyness has become a way of life. We rush around at work. We juggle family demands at home. We’re frazzled! We’re overstressed because we’re not getting the right things done.

I know first hand how this can happen.  I was a good multitasker.  I think I was the queen of multitasking, a pro. I was so good at it that I was practicing my Spanish with the night janitors… because I was still hunkered down in the office when they arrived. I thought this was a brilliant idea. I may as well maximize my late hours time by brushing up on my rusty Spanish!

The moment I realized I had to change came when the night janitor scolded me. He actually wagged his finger at me and said, “You should be home with your family. They must miss you.”

Talk about a whack on the side of the head. Hymie the janitor, wherever you are, thank you! Those words made me realize I had to get better control of my time to get more balance in my life.  I had a husband and teenager who hardly ever saw me. I didn’t like that, and neither did they.

Now every day I ask, what’s important? What are the things that only I should do… as opposed to someone else. What can be left undone? What fulfills me, what gives me joy?

These are all choices we have to make every day. Right Now. That’s why I call my company Right Now Communications. We only have the right now. Seize it and make it yours!

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Category : Life and Work Balance | Blog