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Brenda is an elegant and polished speaker with an important message which she delivers like honey. She kept my attention throughout, but the real test was the furious note taking among the audience. Not a word wasted. Her Extreme Time Management System should be gospel in the world of business.

Carol Kelly, Ph.D. Executive Managing Director, Portland, OR Chapter, eWomennetwork

Brenda engages you with humorous stories while delivering clear, insightful ways to be more effective. She truly understands the challenges of busy people and today’s workplace.

Christine Richards President, Black Belt Business Solutions

Inspired by Brenda’s keynote, I integrated the Daily Time Log into my life. Not only am I catching up on my to-do list and feeling less overwhelmed, I make more money. I used to have sticky notes all over the desk to "remind me" of 15 minutes here or a half hour there of billable time. Of course they were lost in the shuffle. Now, when I sit down to create monthly invoices, I have a clear record of the time I worked. The little bits of time that used to slip through the cracks add up to hours by the end of the month - hours I now remember to bill. I call the extra money my "Brenda Buratti raise."

Lura Frazey, Writer/Communications Consultant

After hearing Brenda Buratti speak on time management my life is forever changed. Finally I am managing my personal and business time in a clear and productive way. Her time management methods really work and I'm grateful that I was given the gift of hearing her speak--you owe it to yourself and your employees to give yourself that gift too. You'll be glad you did!

Kellie Poulsen-Grill, Whirlwind Publishing

Working with Brenda was refreshing. Her listening style focused me to appreciate my strengths. She helped me zero in on how to explain my unique service and benefits to customers. Her talent for concise messaging strengthened content on my website and marketing material.

Cindy Heilman MS, DTR, CEO Higher Standards®

About Brenda Buratti

Brenda Buratti is the founder of Right Now Communications, dedicated to helping busy individuals and businesses achieve their goals through outstanding time management.

Brenda is a media executive with over twenty years experience in managing through seismic industry changes, new product development, and downsized environments.

As a busy woman herself, she developed her own Extreme Time Management™ system. She shares real-world advice on how to juggle personal and professional lives in a humorous, engaging way. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and NSA Oregon.